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Welcome to my brand new blog! Thanks for stopping by!  I'm glad you're here. It means you have an interest in natural health and a desire to increase your wellness naturally. I'm here to share how essential oils can do that.  Please stop back soon for new content as I begin this new endeavor.

My favorite quote:

"Expect therapeutic results from therapeutic grade essential oils. Don’t waste your time (and risk your health) with recreational fragrances.Only therapeutic grade essential oils will give you therapeutic effects"               by Dr. Peter Minke


What are essential oils and why are some more valuable than others. An essential oil is a volatile substance derived from plants that contain the natural smell  and characteristics of the plant.  Volatile doesn't mean explosive. Essential oils are volatile in the sense that they rise quickly Into the air and generate a smell  within the area. All essential oils possess this quality but not all essential oils are of the same quality. You can find essential oils on the market today

What are the different quality levels of essential oils? Essential Oil quality is so important. Do you know what sets apart certain essential oils from others?

The first is Young Living standard, often called therapeutic grade. These oils are considered pure essential oils extracted from sustainably raised plants and contain optimal levels of natural plant compounds found in organic botanicals.

2nd, you’ll  see natural or organic essential oils . These oils can pass growing standards but may or may not contain optimal levels of important plant compounds found in Young Living’s essential oils.

3rd, you’ll find what is called extended or altered oils. These are considered fragrance grade oils because they are used for their aroma only and offer minimal or undetectable levels of important plant compounds.

Lastly, there are synthetic or nature identical oils and these oils are simply created in a laboratory. Each quality of essential oil has its place but because Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are pure and contain the desirable levels of optimal plant compounds, they’re the ONLY oils that I recommend for personal use.

More info and content will be posted very soon as I develop this new endeavor. So please visit again real soon.
              Keep the oils flowing!

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Updated June 12, 2017

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